Aim of the Drill:  To develop the skill of hitting the ball to particular spots on the field, involving both "pull-hitting" and "opposite-field hitting".

What you need:  A field with bases.  Three players per team.  Gloves, bat, ball.

Basic Setup:  The defensive team has two outfielders and one infielder, set up as shown in the diagram.  The batting team pitches to and catches for its own hitters.

How it works:  Each player on the batting team hits until put out, which occurs when three pitches are missed, a fly ball is caught, or a ground ball is caught in the infield.  No base running occurs.  One point is scored for hitting a ground ball past an infielder or if an infielder mishandles a ground ball and two points for a safe hit over an infielder's head and/or a ball hit past an outfielder.  But to count, the ball must be hit within the half of the diamond being played.  Once each batter has been out hitting to one side, the fielders switch to the other side.  When the batters are out again, the teams change places.

Source: British Softball Federation

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Last Updated: 09/23/2003