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Passing is one of the most important skills in soccer. It is a team skill as well as an individual skill. Before you can make a good pass, you need to know where you want the ball to go, and why. You also need to learn where to go to receive a pass.

Receiving a Pass:

When another member of your team has the ball, it's important to move to a position where he can pass it to you. You don't want to be behind a player from the other team, or it will be intercepted. You also don't want to be too close to the person with the ball, because the pass will really not help much. It will be easy for one player from the other team to guard both of you. Try to stay open, and not behind your own teammate. Stay even with them, so the pass can be made slightly ahead of you.

Inside The Foot Pass:

The easiest and most accurate pass is the "inside the foot" pass. Put the foot you aren't kicking with by the side of the ball. Kick the ball with the large flat part of the inside of your other foot. Be sure to raise it off the ground a little, so you are kicking the side of the ball, not the bottom, and don't forget to follow through with your foot straight ahead until your foot will not go any higher.

To practice this kick, put a target on the wall and practice hitting it from about five feet away, and when that becomes too easy, try moving back to ten feet, and then fifteen feet. Practice this drill with both a still ball and a moving ball. Have a friend roll the ball to you from a different angle and try to hit the target. Have someone roll the ball from behind you so you have to chase the ball and then hit it to the target. Try dribbling and passing the ball into the target. Have someone throw the ball into the air, trap it and then pass it to the target. Also, practice dribbling with another player and passing it to the target.

Passing With The Outside:

Place the foot you are not kicking with by the side of the ball, with the inside part facing the direction in which you wish to kick. Kick the ball with the outside edge of your other foot, right below your little toe. Be sure your foot is pointing slightly down, with your ankle stiff. Raise your foot off the ground so it is even with the center of the ball. Swing with the lower part of your leg, the part below your knee.

Both of these passes are passes for accuracy, not power, so don't worry if you can't kick the ball very far.

Last Updated: 09/23/2003