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(Longer & Safer Throw-Ins)


Dribbling, kicking & teaches the Coach how to be funny


A simple, fun game for U-6


Each player has a ball

The Game:
  • Players stand shoulder-to-shoulder facing Coach who is about 5 steps away
  • On "Go", the Coach runs slowly away while players dribble to chase him & try to hit him with the ball by shooting at him
  • They get 1 point each time they hit him
  • Recruit parents to help & split into 2 games or even 3, so it is less crowded
  • Stay in a small area & have fun with this game.
  • Play for about 5 minutes
  • Before starting, tell the players that if they hit you 5 times (total) you will make the sound of their favorite animal, like a dog or a cow, etc. When you are hit 5 times, stop & let them choose a sound. Then start all over.
  • Try to stop about every 60 seconds. You can adjust by changing the number of required hits to 3 or 4

Last Updated: 09/23/2003