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Heading The Ball

An important skill every soccer player should learn is heading. Heading will let you stop the ball when the ball is high, either in the middle of the field, or when being shot at the goal. A good soccer player can even head the ball to change the direction of the ball, and to make a pass to a teammate.

To head the ball, keep your eyes open, and your mouth closed, and hit the ball with your forehead. Don't let the ball hit "you", rather "you" hit it! never head the ball if it is lower than your waist, you may get kicked by another player. Heading can be used to pass the ball to another player, or to hit it into the goal.

A good way to learn how to head a ball is to place a small piece of masking tape on the middle of your forehead. Take a light ball, such as a beach ball, throw it up in the air, and try to hit it with the masking tape spot. As you become better at it, and less afraid, try it with a slightly harder ball, such as a playground ball or a volleyball. Eventually you will be ready to try it with a regulation soccer ball.

Another way to practice heading is to hang a soccer ball from a tree with a rope or string. Make sure the ball is higher than your head, and practice jumping up to it and hitting it with your forehead. You can also have another player throwing balls into the air while you practice heading it to another player.

Don't Head the ball like this. Please. Keep your eyes open, and remember: FOREHEAD.

Last Updated: 09/23/2003