Important Information for Parents

One of the many challenging aspects of coaching is to play the part of role model to our players. Behavior of our players on the field or court, for the most part, is extremely favorable. In the heat of the game, it isn't hard to get emotional. Nevertheless, we have an obligation to our players to reinforce teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Sometimes behavior of individuals off the field raises eyebrows. Like coaches, parents also must be the role models our children need to set a positive example.

These guidelines will help provide an enjoyable experience for our players and other spectators.

We will provide the opportunity for our children to participate at their own level in order to help them develop

In competition we strive to succeed at a task to the best of our ability. Learning to handle success as well as failure. The benefits associated with determination, hard work, self control, teamwork and striving to win. The process of competing and working towards maximum potential is the main focus of our attention.

Last Updated: 05/02/2003