St. Patrick Fenced-in field at 97th Street in the Shore Road Park. Coming down the stairs, it is to the left. The St Patrick main field is the large field.  The St. Patrick’s “Little Field” is in opposite corner, shortened by the handball courts.
St. Ephrem Fenced-in field located at 94th Street in Shore Road Park. Entrance in at Oliver Street; follow steps to fenced-in field beyond  the playground.
68th Precinct Fields are located at 83rd Street in the Shore Road Park. The “Little field” is the smaller field closest to the entrance. The main field is the large, fenced-in field to the right of the little field as you enter

Fort Hamilton

These are the 2 fields located at 83rd and Colonial Road.  The #1 field is the larger of the 2 fields – closest to Colonial Road.  The smaller field is the #2 field
SMMJ Six Diamonds Field   This is the complex on Cropsey Avenue behind home depot.  Enter from Shore Road.  Monday is Field #4 -- Thursday is Field #2 and Saturday is Field#1.
Bensenhurst #3 This field is at 21st Avenue and Shore Parkway.  Field # 3 can be seen from the Belt Parkway. From Crospey, turn on 21st Avenue, heading towards the Belt.
Sacred Heart This field can be reached by riding down 3rd Avenue towards the Battery Tunnel.  Make a right on Hamilton Avenue, and you will be riding under the Expressway. As Hamilton Avenue branches off towards the BQE, get on the service road (Hick Street) that is parallel to the BQE.  The field is to the right.
79/Shore Road There are three fields  located in the Shore Road Park between 79th and 75th Streets.  #1 is the field closest to the park house as you enter through the 79th Street gate.   #2 field is in the middle.   #3 field is the most distant from the park house and is the closest to 75th street
Poly Prep These are the fields that belong to the Poly Prep School on 7th Avenue across from the Dyker Golf School at 92nd Street.  The field is located in the middle of the block through a wire fence.  The girl’s softball field in the field in the back right hand corner.
97/Shore Road Two large unfenced fields located in Shore Road Park at 97th Street. Entering at the 97th Street, #2 is the field located next to the St. Patrick’s enclosed field.  #1 is the field next to the parkhouse – the most distant from the 97th Street entrance.
17th Avenue 17th Avenue and Shore Pkwy, Brooklyn, New York 11228
Bay 8th Field 1A Bay 8th - Field 1A is the first field after the V.A. Hospital. Take 92nd street to 7th Avenue and make a right. Travel past Poly Prep and continue until you come to the entrance to the Ft. Hamilton Army base. Make a left. You will see the V.A. Hospital on your right. Continue straight until the V.A. Hospital property ends. At this point you will see "concrete bleachers" behind a fenced in area. That's where the ballfields are. Field #1A is the far field away from the street. (The backstop and dugout fencing still look new) The entrance to the field is where the Concrete bleachers start.
Bay 8th Street Field #4, #5, #6 Between Bay 8th Street and 14th Avenue (field nearest the restrooms)
Gil Hodges Stadium Directions: Take Cropsey Avenue to Neptune Avenue and Make a left turn. Take Neptune Avenue to Shell Road. Make a left. Take Shell road a few blocks and you'll see the field on the left. NOTE: Avoid the Belt Pkwy. during evening rush hour!! 
Shell Road and Shore Pkwy.
Brooklyn, New York
Ty Cobb Field Take Ocean Parkway or Mc Donald Avenue to Bay Parkway.  Make a right onto Bay Parkway and proceed to 65th Street.  Make a left onto 65th Street and immediately get into the right lane.  The first intersection will be West 6th Street where you will bear right.  You are permitted to proceed, after stopping, on the red signal.  Proceed on West 6th Street to Avenue W where you will again bear right.  Take Avenue W two short blocks to West 8th Street and turn left.  Follow the road around until you see the ball field on the left.


Take the Belt Parkway east to the Bay Parkway exit.  At the end of the exit ramp, make a left onto Bay Parkway and get into the right lane.  Go one short block to Cropsey Avenue and turn right.  Proceed on Cropsey Avenue, about a half-mile, to Harway Avenue.  Bear left onto Harway Avenue and proceed to Stillwell Avenue.