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Our NFL Flag Football Program has been developed to help kids and their families have an enjoyable experience every time they step on a football field.

The following seven principles applies to our NFL Flag Football Program:

1.     Make It Fun

This is our primary objective and cornerstone of the entire philosophy. Regardless of whether itís a game or practice, football at the youth level should always be fun. We offer fun and adapt methods throughout all aspects of the program, while incorporating games and low-key competitions to teach fundamentals rather than running traditional drills. 

2.     Limit Standing Around

This is a common problem in youth sports that ultimately turns kids off. Whether itís a game, practice, clinic, or camp, we have designed our program to engage every participant consistently. We know that kids donít attend practices to watch others play. Kids enjoy practices when they have fun and they experience an improvement in their overall skills. We put a major emphasis on fast pace and interactive practices, which eliminate downtime. Weíve found that kids attention and energy levels improve immediately when you engage everyone in drill of short duration.

3.     Everyone Plays

Its never fun at any level of play to sit and watch others participate, anticipating the opportunity to play if the situation arises. Often thereís several players being instructed and drilled while a group of teammates stand around and watch, never receiving the same attention. Most often the group standing around has been deemed by the coach to be not as skilled or talented; therefore, the attention is paid to the so-called stars of the program. Our program provides equal learning experience for everyone, whether itís a game or a practice. Our program raises the level of learning and skills of not only the most talented, but also every kid in the program, starting with the least talented. This philosophy eliminates first, second, and third strings both in games and at practice.

4.     Teach Every Position to Every Participant

In our program we donít just teach the kids in one particular position because of their physical size/or ability. In order to provide each participant a full experience and appreciation of the game that will last a lifetime, our program teaches everyone every position. Never making a judgement based on the kid size alone; we teach every participant every position and naturally let him or her find a position that fits them, making it easier to teach that position.

5.     Emphasize the Fundamentals

Our program foundation is built on properly teaching the basics, learning the fundamentals and perfecting the same basic at every level of play. This is essential to our program success. If a kid does not execute the fundamentals of his/her position correctly the simpleís play will not work. Our program focuses on executing fundamentals providing every kid the chance to learn the game properly.

6.     Incorporate a Progression of Skill Development for Every Participant

In our program regardless of a kidís skill level, it is our responsibility to teach every kid in the program. Itís no secret that if kids experience improvement in their skills, no matter what their athletic ability may be, they will continue to participate and return to learn more.

7.     Give Encouragement and Constructive Criticism

Keeping a positive environment, our program does not tolerate negative comments from players, parents, or coaches. At all level of sport we know that even adults makes mistakes so we realize that at this level kids will make mistakes. What we do is not have that mistakes compound by negative feedback and comments but, give positive feedback on how to correct the mistake by giving encouragement and constructive criticism were needed.

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Last Updated: 09/23/2003