January 10th 2015 Trophy presentation for Knights Basketball program

The Knights held their annual basketball awards breakfast this past Saturday with 200 people attending with some great breakfast from D'nettos.  Nicholas Cona and James Cona received MVP awards for their respective divisions.   The 2014 Basketball Junior Varsity Director's award went to Anthony Tarallo and the Varsity award went to Michael Fasano for their outstanding display of sportsmanship and teamwork throughout the entire season.  Each team received special shirts in lieu of trophies and all the kids seemed to have a great time. 


January 4th 2014 Trophy presentation for Knights Basketball program

The Knights held their annual basketball awards breakfast this past Saturday with 200 people attending with some great breakfast from D'nettos.  Nicholas Cona and Nicholas Tarallo received MVP awards for their respective divisions.   The 2013 Basketball Junior Varsity Director's award went to Isabella Chirico and the Varsity award went to Michael Napolitano for their outstanding display of sportsmanship and teamwork throughout the entire season.  Each team received special shirts in lieu of trophies and all the kids seemed to have a great time. 

November 12th 2013 Varsity Division Action Shots

November 12th 2013 Junior Varsity Division Action Shots

November 11th 2013 Clinic Division

November 11th 2013 Rookie Division


March 2013 Our teams



The Knights held their annual basketball awards breakfast this past Saturday with 100 people attending with some great breakfast from D'nettos.  The North Carolina team coached by Vin Chirico and Kevin Hunter received their championship jackets and trophies.    The 2012 Basketball Director's award went to Eric Momente for his outstanding display of sportsmanship and teamwork throughout the entire season.  Each team received special shirts in lieu of trophies and all the kids seemed to have a great time. 


November 15th - 21st Playoffs Action Shots



   After an unbelievable season in which North Carolina lost only 1-game, they went undefeated in the playoffs and won the championship game over Notre Dame, the only team to beat them during the regular season.

   Tyler Hunter was the big scorer for North Carolina with 12-points, followed closely by teammate Dom Castiglione scoring 10-points. Ava D? and Dan D? both earned 2-points each and Matthew Lubich scored a basket for 2-points and earned 1-point at the foul line. John Castiglione, Antonio Barone & Isabella Chirico played strong defense and earned rebounds at both ends of the court to help ensure the victory for North Carolina.

    Michael LaMonica and Anna Boylan scored 4-points apiece for Notre Dame. Nick Ap? scored a basket for 2-points to go along with several rebounds and Gianna Bader was the high scorer for Notre Dame earning 8-points during the game.

November 8th 2011 Action Shots

October 18 2011 Action Shots

October 10-15, 2011 Action Shots

October 3-7, 2011 Action Shots

action shots

September 26 2011 action shots


  Notre Dame managed to hold onto the lead after a big first half. 20-points for Notre Dame were accounted for by Christopher LaMonica 14-points and younger brother Michael LaMonica 6-points. Shooting guard Amanda Fecci had 6-points with some nice outside shooting and Forward Gianna Bader had 2-points to go along with her several rebounds.   Texas mounted a comeback in the second half. Center Joe Amato had a big night with 15-points. Point guard John Pagano had a hot hand from the outside to earn 9-points and Carmelo Sorrentino had an aggressive offensive rebound that he then put in the net for his 2-points.   In the end it was a strong defensive hold by the Fighting Irish that held off the Longhorns and earned the victory.



November 16,  2010 JV Championship action shots

November 14,  2010 JV action shots


November 3rd ,   2010 JV action shots

October 18,  2010

Action Shots - Rookie Division

October 2010

Action Shots - JV Division

Action Shots - Rookie Division

March 27, 2010

The Knights held their awards breakfast for the In-House basketball program on Saturday March 27th at 9:30 a.m.  at the St. Bernadette Cafeteria


Notre Dame were given their championship jackets by Coach John Deangelo and the Knights Basketball Directors award was presented to Steven Politano.  The Director award is given to the player that portrays the characteristics that represent what the Knights are all about.  These qualities include  good citizenship, sportsmanship, loyalty, honesty and good character.  We are very proud of Steven. 


November 24th 2009 - Playoffs - Highlights - Notre Dame and Indiana


October 22 2009



September 2008


The Knights





Dyker Heights AA/St. Bernadette










             J.V. 8-10, VARSITY 11-13 Boys and Girls





St Bernadette’s Gym – on 82nd Street off of 13th Avenue

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March 2008



2008 Brooklyn Children and Basketball Association Boys Novice A Basketball  Championship Game between St.Bernadette Knights and St.Vincent Bulldogs at Xaverian High School


#21 Alexa Colontino-St. Bernadette.wmv


#22 2008 BCBA Boys Novice A St. Vincent Ferrer .wmv


#22 Bryce Khan-St. Bernadette.wmv


#23 2008 BCBA Boys Novice A St. Vincent Ferrer .wmv


#25 Israel Farrington-St. Bernadette.wmv


#3 2008 BCBA Boys Novice A St. Vincent Ferrer .wmv


#3 MVP 2008 BCBA Boys Novice A St. Vincent Ferrer .wmv


#34 Steve Leopoldi -St. Bernadette.wmv


#4 Michael Galbo -St. Bernadette.wmv


#40 Richard Palacios-St. Bernadette.wmv


#5 2008 BCBA Boys Novice A St. Vincent Ferrer .wmv


#51 Michael Angelo Anastasio -St. Bernadette.wmv


11 2008 BCBA Boys Novice A St. Vincent Ferrer .wmv


1st Place Trophies to 2008 BCBA Boys A Novice winners.wmv


1st Quarter.wmv


2008 BCBA Boys Novice A Championship St. Vincent & St Bernadette.wmv


2008 BCBA Boys Novice A Championship St.Vincent & St.Bernadette.wmv


2008 BCBA Boys Novice A St. Bernadette Knights.wmv


2008 BCBA Boys Novice A St. Vincent Ferrer .wmv


2008 BCBA Boys Novice A St. Vincent Ferrer 1.wmv


2nd quarter.wmv


3rd quarter.wmv




Coach Chris Calabiese-St. Bernadette.wmv


Introduction 2008 BCBA Boys Novice A Championship St. Bernadette.wmv


St. Bernadette Trophies.wmv


The Trophies.wmv


2008 American Amteur Athletes LLC | 3/10/2008



December 4,  2007




    The Dyker Heights Athletic Association held its Fall 2007 Basketball Clinic awards night at St. Bernadette’s gym on December 3rd.  The Clinic offers 5-7 year olds twelve instructional sessions which began in mid-September.  The DHAA is now accepting registrations for the Winter Clinic session.     Clinic participants have been learning dribbling, passing and shooting skills.  There have been some exciting dribbling races between groups to see who is learning and improving their dribbling skills.  Overall, everyone involved had a fun but learning experience and improved their basketball skills during each session.     During this year’s awards party, the Fall Clinic received a visit for a very special guest Santa Claus and his Elf Noel.  Each year Santa does not forget to visit the Basketball Clinic and he brings each participant a Christmas present.  The children were very excited and they all took pictures with Santa and told him they were good all year.  Everyone dined on delicious food catered by Not Just Chicken and no one was disappointed.  A special thanks to Dom from Not Just Chicken for helping us feed the hungry Clinic players.

     On behalf of the Knights, our special thanks is sent out to instructor Bill Daley who led the Fall Clinic and to John DeAngelo, Joe Girgenti, Kevin Hunter, Tom Mangano and Dan Mangano for helping with administration.

 September 2007

That can only mean one thing which is BASKETBALL is on the horizon!  Preparations have been made to offer a Fall Clinic due to our success last year and your positive response to the program.  Our start date for the Fall Clinic is September 17 at 6:30PM and we will run the session until almost 8pm.  If anything should change in the interim with regard to our start date, I will let all registered participants know about it in advance.
We are continuing to accept registration for our Fall Basketball Clinic at this time.  Boys and girls between the ages of 5-7 years old are welcome.  If you have not already registered, please take a moment to register online if you intend to participate.  I hope you do because from what I saw personally last year, the kids really seemed to have a lot of fun and learned something along the way.
I received feedback from some parents last year and it is being considered.  We will try to increase the number a games we play so the kids can use the skills they learn in a game situation.  That may either extend a session's duration or add a night or so to the program.  We can 'cross that bridge' when the time is right to make sure we are all in agreement about how it will best fit all of our schedules.
The Knights can also use your help.  If anyone has coaching experience or wants to start helping to gain coaching experience, you are welcome to let me know via email or call me at 718-833-7562.
Thank you for your commitment to the DHAA Knights and I look forward to seeing you on September 17th.
Greg Rando
Basketball Director 

May 22, 2007

We are planning our annual basketball awards dinner for Saturday June 23rd at 5:30 p.m. at the St. Finbar's gymnasium located on Bath avenue and Bay 20th Street (side entrance). We will need to know if you plan on attending the event. The cost of the dinner is $ 25.00 per person (players only are free). There will be a 50/50 raffle as well.

Please complete the attached form and indicate if you are attending and how many people, or if you are not attending by May 24th or sooner so we can make appropriate plans. If you are attending, please return the form with a $25.00 payment for each non-player that will be attending, made payable to the DHAA. Players are free.


Mail to DHAA

c/o St. Bernadette Rectory

8201-13th Avenue

Brooklyn, New York 11228

Attn: Greg Rando - Basketball program

Feel free to contact me at 718-833-7562 (evenings) if you have any questions.


Greg Rando

APRIL 2007




Knights 10-11 Year Novice Division Champions

The DHAA Knights won the Novice division Championship at the Kings Bay gym.  Coach John DeAngelo is very proud of players who managed to “gut” out a difficult victory against a very determined Kings Bay team.  The final score was Knights 27 - Kings Bay 23 in a very well played game by both teams.

The Knights fell behind early in the game with Kings Bay scoring the first ten points of and building what appeared to be an un-surmountable lead.  Kings Bays’ height advantage was crucial in limiting the Knights to one shot per possession to build up their early lead.  The Knights fought back and the score was 16-10 at halftime.  Coach Deangelo and his assistant, Victor Caggiano, encouraged their players to “run the floor” and penetrate the tough Kings Bay defense every chance they had the ball.

 The Knights came out of intermission needing a big basket to narrow the six point deficit.  They got it from Jonathan Rando who drilled a big three pointer to narrow the Kings Bay lead to three points.  At this point the Knights were running the floor as instructed and they were taking high percentage shots allowing them to tie Kings Bay at 19-19.  Clutch baskets by Guards Joe Caggiano (9 points), Michaelangelo Anastasio (5 points) and Jonathan Rando (9 points) fueled the comeback.  Center Khalid Mascoll was dominating the boards, blocking shots and stealing the ball.  Cody Mangano (3 points), probably played the game of his life.  He was all over the court making steals, grabbing rebounds and making excellent passes to his teammates.  The frontline defense received big plays from Guards Michael Fanelli, Michael Galbo and Richie Napolitano who stopped the Kings Bay Guards from penetrating and scoring.  Forward Matt Cusumano played tough under the boards to grab some key rebounds.

 With about a minute left in the game, Anastasio broke a 23-23 deadlock with the game winning basket.  The Knights tough defense caused a few turnovers to prevent a Kings Bay comeback to tie and then Mangano sealed the victory with a clutch basket. 

FEBRUARY 18, 2007

On Saturday, Feb. 17 the basketball clinic coached by Kevin Hunter  sent Tyler Hunter, Antonio Barone, Andrew Gandolfo, Harrison Schlossberg, Gabriel DeOliveira, and Nick Tarallo to play against Regina Pacis Clinic. Bill Daly was the referee. Although the final score was only 4 - 2 the kids played great and had a lot of fun. The kids are really learning in the clinic. After four, six minute quarters, the Knights kids were not called for any travel violations and comitted no fouls. It shows that Bill Daly`s teaching is really paying off. The kids can`t wait for their next game. It is not easy fo 6 and 7 year old kids to throw a basketball into a ten foot hoop, but they sure are coming close. Our next game is March 3 at 9 A.M at Regina.

FEBRUARY 17, 2007















 WHEN:  FEB 19-24


Next week we are hosting our first annual basketball tournament.  The tournament honors those who founded the Knights' organization and made it possible for our kids to compete in the sports we offer.

The tournament will be held entirely at St Dominicks and will run from Monday 2/19 10AM through the evening;  and every night Tuesday 2/20 through Friday 2/23 which will be the finals & trophy night. 






    The Dyker Heights Athletic Association’s 2006 Basketball Clinic met again as it does every week at the St. Bernadette gymnasium. The Clinic is being administered by Bill Daly with assistant coaching help from Kevin Hunter.

    Participants continue to learn dribbling, passing and shooting skills.  There have been some exciting dribbling races between groups to see who is learning and improving their dribbling skills.  Players are now being taught to dribble pass and dribble again, then shoot after receiving a pass close to the basket.  In addition, players are enhancing their dribbling skills by navigating cones in a zig, zag path.  Coaches Bill Daly and Kevin Hunter noted they are seeing basketball skills improve every week.  Overall, everyone involved in the Clinic is having a fun time and learning new skills each session.    

      On behalf of the Knights, I extend our appreciation to Bill Daly and Kevin Hunter for administering the 2006 Basketball Clinic. 


DHAA Basketball Clinic Remaining Schedule:



Start Time

Stop Time























 Knights 10-11 Year Novice Division

The DHAA Knights won their division Championship in the St. Athanasius Alex Chametsky Christmas Tournament recently held at the St. Athanasius gym.  The tournament was held in honor of the late Alex Chametsky and all participants were awarded Tournament tee shirts in honor of Alex’s name.

 The Knights played two tough teams and managed to win both games with timely baskets and solid defense.  Coach John Deangelo was very proud of his team’s performance in the Tournament.  In the opening round, the Knights defeated Our Lady of Grace 24-15 in a game that was close and in doubt for most of the game.  The Knights were able to emerge as winners because of their full court pressure applied for most of the game.  Michaelangelo Anastasio and Cody Mangano led the way with three steals each to help the Knights gain key possessions for their offense.  Other players who helped on defense were Michael Fanelli, Michael Galbo and Richard Napolitano.  Anthony Gaudio and Matt Cusumano controlled the Knights’ defensive boards.  The offensive leaders were Khalid Mascoll, Joe Caggiano and Jonathan Rando scored 6 points each and Cody Mangano who chipped in with 4 points.

 In the championship game, the Knights defeated St. Ephrems 17-12 in a hard fought contest.  The Knights jumped out to an early lead but they managed to score key baskets when they needed them and stop offensive surges by a St. Ephrems’ team that would not quit.  Offensive leaders in the championship game were Khalid Mascoll (6), Michaelangelo Anastasio (5) and Jonathan Rando (6) to help lead the Knights to victory.  On defense, Cody Mangano, Michael Fanelli and Joe Caggiano were tenacious in helping to stop several fast breaks.  Anthony Gaudio and Matt Cusumano helped the Knights grab key rebounds on the defensive end. 



May 31, 2006

 Knights are the Champs again..!!!!!

The Dyker Heights St. Bernadette Knights twelve year old team won their second straight Interparish Basketball League championship on Saturday April 1, 2006. The team which was coming off a 25-2 season a year ago had a much tougher time this season. From the very first practice coaches John DeAngelo and Frank Piniero told the team this year was going to be different as they were going to play against teams older then them. This team played in two leagues the Knights own in house league where they played against teams made up of 13 and 14 year olds and in the Interparish Basketball League where they played against teams of 12 and 13 year olds. In the in house league they lost early and often as the older team’s strength and quickness was a big difference. As the season went along they managed to win three games and lost in the first round of the playoffs to the first place team in overtime. The coaches were happy with the team’s progress and knew they had a good shot at another I.B.L. title if they cut down on their mistakes.  In the first round of the I.B.L.  double elimination playoffs the team had to play St. Mary’s on the road on Saturday March 18th. The Knights were down by twelve points early in the third quarter but came storming back to win 48-36. The team was led by Jonathan Piniero who scored 17 and Matt Smith you had 13.  On Saturday March 25th the team met Holy Rosary for the right to go to the finals. As they did two times this year the Knights blew the lead in the final minutes and lost 47-46.  The play of Kari Jackson and Jon Montalbano  was not enough to overcome the team’s mistakes. On Tuesday March 28th the Knights now had to go on the road and play St. Mary’s one more time for the right to go to the finals. The team was up 21-18 at the half and came out strong in the second half to win 48-30. Ryan Brock and Matt Sroga  did a nice job on the boards while combining for 20 points between them. So now it was on to the finals where the Knights were to face Holy Rosary one last time to see if they could avoid another late game collapse like it did the first two times these two teams met. The Knights came out and raced to a 24-8 halftime lead. The lead at halftime was mostly because Greg Rando and Giuseppe Faratro were able to hold Holy Rosary’s top scorer scoreless the entire first half  playing a box in one.  They increase the lead to 30-10 to start the second half before point guard Jonathan Piniero was ejected from the game for arguing with the refs. This gave Holy Rosary life and the team saw its lead cut to seven points. However thanks to Greg Rando the heart and soul of the team and  Giuseppe Faratro the Knights held on for a 48-38 victory. Giuseppe picked the perfect time to have his best game of the season scoring ten points and making numerous steals on defense. Greg Rando three point play with three minutes to go took all the energy out of a tough Holy Rosary team.  

The Knights nine year old team coached by John DeAngelo and Victor Caggiano also faired well in their first season together. The team was led by guards Joe Caggiano , Jonathan Rando and team MVP Khalid Mascoll. The forwards were Matt Cusumano, Anthony Gaudio  and Dylan Setteducato. Michael Fanelli came off the bench to back up Rando and Caggiano at guard. The coaches would like to thank Chris Calabrese who came up from the eight year old team to help them during their playoff run. The Knights finished with a record of 7-3 and won their first round playoff game against Kings Bay 13-12. The next day it met Lola Russell in the semi finals and lost a tough game 17-14. These teams met early in the season with the Knights losing by fourteen points. In the semi final game the Knights had a one point lead with a minute and a half to go but could not handle the full court pressure and ended up losing by three points 17-14. Lola Russell went on and finished as undefeated league champs so coaches John DeAngelo and Victor Caggiano were very happy with their team’s effort and look forward to next season.        

April 12 2006

Lady Knights are the Champs again..!!!!!

The Knights 13 year old girls team won two championships this year.  They won the IBL championship for a second year in a row  by defeating St Francis De Chantal plus they went undefeated in the BCBA League. Their overall record for this year was 30 - 2
 Congratulations to Chris Calabrese and his girls.  



 In the Regina league, the Knights placed 5 teams in the finals.   In the 14/15 division, both Knights teams squared off in the champioship game.   Coach Andrew Soto's team defeated Joe Franzese's team by 3 points in an incredibly well played game by both teams.   In the 12/13 division, Coach Andrew Soto's team lost to Holy Spirit/Rams.   The 10/11 division, Anthony Utano's team lost to Holy Spirit/Rams as well.


St Bernadette Boys 8- 9 year old team wins championship!

 In the 8/9 division, the Knights 8-9 year old team defeated the Regina team to win the Championship



Congratulations to all the teams in basketball this year.

April 10 2005

St Bernadette Boys team wins second championship!

The Dyker Heights St. Bernadette knights eleven year old team won two championships and finished with an overall record of 25-1-1. They finished in second place in the I.B.L. peewee division with a record of 7-1-1. It’s only loss coming to regular season champs Holy Spirit. The two teams split during the regular season but with an unbalanced schedule Holy Spirit finished up at 10-1. Everyone knew that these two teams would end up meeting in the finals to see who would walk away with the championship. On March 17th the two teams met in the finals and the knights came away with a 34-27 hard fought victory. The knights were led by Jonathan Piniero who scored 14 points. Greg Rando had 8 points and Giuseppe Faratro had 6 points. The defense was led by Robert Spinelli, Daniel Dellilueme and Ryan Brock. These three boys were superb in controlling the boards and pulling down the rebounds. The Knights went to the locker room at half-time up 22-11 but Holy Spirit came back with a tough defense to tie it up at 24. The Knights took control down the stretch building a ten point lead and end up winning 34-27. The knights won their second championship on Saturday April 9th beating Regina 44-37 to win the Regina in house league as undefeated champs with an overall record of 16-0. Regina hung tough as the Knights were only up by two points 21-19 at half-time. John Montalbano William Lorenzo And Andrew Solberg played tough defense in trying to contain the Regina guards. The teams work horse under the basket Sal Marchica controlled the boards as he has done all season long. Jonathan Piniero led the knights with 27 points. The team’s first year coach John DeAngelo was glad he added Greg Rando younger brother to the team at mid-season. They were down to six players with the team being hit by the flu bug and young Jonathan Rando helped the team in a big way. He remained on the team the rest of the season. Coach DeAngelo says this was not the most talented group he has ever had but what makes them so special is how well they work together. He looks forward to having this group for two more seasons

March 17 2005

Two St Bernadette Boys teams win championships in the Interparish Basketball League!

Our Pee Wee Cluster Boys (5th & 6th grade) lead by coach John DeAngelo defeated Holy Spirit /Rams team  34-27 for the Division championship.  The boys defeated a team of very good players who appear to have have been competing a bit longer than our team.  This championship was true teamwork between our coach and players.  With the I.B.L championship now under the team's belts they  will try and stay perfect in the Regina League when the playoffs start on April 1st

Our Bantam Major Boys defeated SSJ 69-57  for the IBL Division championship.   Joe Franzese's team beat St Simon and Jude, 69 - 57. The Knights  went up early and sustained their lead throughout the game, This is our FOURTH Championship for the Knights name this year.

March 13 2005

Lady Knights are the Champs..!!!!!

Last night, our Knights Girls basketball team (7th & 8th graders) coached by Chris Calabrese won the Cluster Cup IBL basketball league.This team played in the Bantam Major "A" division, beating Good Shepherd at St Dom's gym.

In addition to our "A" division girls team, we placed another team of 7th and 8th grade girls in the IBL Girls Bantam "B" league. This team was a combination of girls from the Knights and Regina. Lead by the guidance of Donna Schrippa, they too won the Girls Bantam "B" division championship, defeating Good Shepherd (again but a different team).

Oct 10, 2003

The Knights held their annual awards night for the 2002-2003 Basketball players.  Some highlights included Joseph Franzese and Ashley Schirippa receiving the Directors awards for their excellent play and sportsmanship during the season.    Also receiving special awards were Michael Triolo, Chris Reilly, Kristen Terrone and Christina Coladonato.

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